YouTube Banner Size report

YouTube Channel ArtA YouTube banner is a large image displayed at the top of a channel page. It is the most prominent and most eye-catching picture on the YouTube channel and helps establish the channel style to recognize it.

The well-designed banner function is similar to the beautiful book cover design, will help convey the tone and style of the film and the brand, and guide the audience to explore the content of the video you provide.

This article is your guide to making beautiful YouTube banners, which will help you turn one-time channel visitors into regular viewers and subscribers. We will propose the best banner size and design method and offer several creative tips to use the banner space fully.

What is YouTuber Banner

A YouTube banner is an image at the very top of your channel that allows viewers to preview their expectations of your content. YouTube banner, also known as Channel Art, is similar to cover photos or header images on Facebook and Twitter.

An excellent YouTube banner can have a significant impact on your brand's YouTube channel. Think of it as an opportunity to make an excellent first impression on your audience because the YouTube banner is the first thing they see when they click on your channel. It also helps establish the brand's niche and aesthetics and provides the impetus needed to transform the general audience into subscribers.

Why is Youtube Banner important

No matter how many subscribers you have, using YouTube banners or channel images can have multiple benefits for your business or brand. It pays to make time to create an eye-catching YouTube banner. The following are reasons you should know:

  • The YouTube banner is the first content users see after visiting your channel and is used as a static trailer.
  • Use YouTube banners to make your appearance on YouTube cohesive and beautiful.
  • Channel art can also help users identify your market segment or who you are producing content for and determine if this video is of interest to them.
  • It allows you to convey the main content of your channel and what you will bring to your followers, and it can also update your followers when you post a new video.
  • It inspires viewers to explore your content further.
  • Well-thought-out YouTube banners can play an essential role in turning viewers into subscribers.

Youtube Banner Size Guide

Viewers can visit YouTube from a variety of screen sizes, from large TV screens to mobile phones. Therefore, it is an art to size and typeset the banner to the correct position. In addition to the mobile App/mobile web version and desktop version, Youtube also has an iPad and a TV version. Youtube can be directly played by connecting to digital TV apps, so there are more device specifications to meet.

YouTube's recommended banner size is 2560 x 1440 pixels, and the file size should not exceed 6MB. The recommended size is significant because visitors to your channel may be watching YouTube on a TV screen. It means that the banner will expand to its full height and width to fill the available screen space. The same video banner must be flexibly adapted to a range of other devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. A smaller screen will significantly reduce the height of the banner, thereby cutting off the top and bottom of the large image. As the screen size shrinks, the width of the picture gradually shrinks.

YouTube Banner Size

YouTube Banner Size by different devices

According to the official YouTube specifications, the largest size of Channel Art is the display size on the TV: 2560px * 1440px. The smallest mobile version size is: 1546px * 423px. In other words, the difference between the largest and smallest cover image size is very large. The following are all the size specifications (from small to large):

  • Mobile: 1546px * 423px
  • Tablet: 1855px * 423px
  • Desktop: 2560px * 423px
  • TV: 2560px * 1440px

The main things to keep in mind when designing a YouTube banner are:

  1. Always design the banner to the largest size (2560 x 1440 px) to ensure that the image has enough height to appear clear on the big screen.
  2. Place the critical elements of the YouTube banner (such as the text, logo, and image theme) in a safe area.

YouTube Banner Safe Area

Your YouTube banner will be cropped according to the device displaying it. The safe area refers the area that can be viewed on all devices. Fortunately, when you upload the final image, YouTube will automatically show you the image will be displayed on different devices, including mobile devices, desktop devices, and TVs.

If you use high-resolution images, please check to make sure that the file size of the YouTube banner is below the 6 MB maximum limit.

Tips for a Great Youtube Banner

Keep in mind the size limits of YouTube banners, focus on creating eye-catching typography, and highlight key points. Combine channel stars, trademarks, or channel titles with your brand colors, graphics, or interesting backgrounds to quickly and easily create professional designs. You can use any 2D design software (such as Shutterstock Editor, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe InDesign) to make banners. The following are other tips for creating a high-quality Youtube banner.

Famous Editing Tool

Youtube Channel Art Templates

Youtube also knows that its cover image rules are annoying, so the official provides a design template. You can visit the description page on the Youtube official website to view it. Youtube users can directly download the Youtube Channel Art Templates to create or edit channel pictures.

After downloading this design template, it is a Zip compressed file. After decompression, there will be two files:

  1. Channel Art Template (Fireworks).png: This file is in PNG format and can be opened by most image editing software.
  2. Channel Art Template (Photoshop).psd: This is the Photoshop format, which can be opened with Photoshop or opened with Affinity Photo.

Canva is a free online photo editor that contains a series of templates from which you can choose to create channel artwork. You can browse their existing YouTube banner templates and adjust them to meet your needs. You can change the color scheme and import icons, images, and other elements for the YouTube channel art template and its huge library of assets from your device.

Crello will help you quickly create a unique YouTube banner using the template of your choice. It also has a super convenient Brand Kit option to import relevant colors and fonts for your channel art. These colors and fonts are excellent in branding and cohesion.

Youtube on Laptop and Mobile Phone


You can mention the style of the video or the market segment that your content is suitable for, such as lifestyle, beauty, or design. It can also include your release schedule and your primary audience.


In addition to combining your logo and other brand assets, you can also use brand colors and fonts that convey the overall beauty of the brand, and these colors and fonts are also reflected on your social media.

Use high-resolution images

It is a clear rule, but it is also one of the most basic. Using high-resolution images makes things look great and lets the audience know that you are a professional. The icons and pictures in Channel Art should be high-resolution, which gives the YouTube banner a bright and beautiful appearance.

If you are planning to start a new career on Youtube, these are the best tips and a series of tools you must know to make YouTube banner sizes and create fantastic channel art. Why not make breakthrough changes to your Youtube channel.

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