Ski Pole Size report

Ski Sport With Perfect EquipmentSki poles are used to support forward, control balance, guide changes, and support the body when we ski. Except for ski jumping, aerials skiing, and snowboarding, ski poles are used in other projects, which is an indispensable tool for skiers to control their center of gravity. We are most likely to ignore the role of ski poles when choosing ski equipment.

An indispensable tool when we ski on the skis is the ski pole. The ski pole helps us advance in the flat area of ​​the piste and for pole-pointing in intermediate and advanced skiing. Now let's first understand the whole and each part of the ski pole. Generally speaking, a pair of ski poles includes grips, straps, shafts, tips, and baskets.

Using the correct size ski poles is very important for a safe and successful skiing experience. The wrong ski pole size will offset your skiing posture and may cause you to be injured. Ski poles that are too short will force you to reach too far, making you tired. Ski poles that are too long feel clumsy. Choosing the right ski poles is not as complicated and difficult as you think. It takes less than a minute to measure the correct size.

Ski pole parts Guide

Ski poles serve two primary purposes - balance and mobility. Ski poles also help you to balance while you’re skiing. It has evolved as a critical piece of skiing technique, assisting skiers in setting up their turns and staying in rhythm. We all know we need them, but do you know what parts your ski poles should have? You will find the answer below.

Ski Pole Parts


The grip is the part where we hold the ski poles. It is usually made of slightly rubbery plastic. Different manufacturers and models of ski poles will have different shapes of grips. Each shape will fit our palms and fingers to different degrees, and different grips will have different anti-slip designs, so everyone is buying skis. Don't be afraid of trouble when using the poles. Find a ski pole with a grip shape that makes us feel comfortable.


When we hold the ski pole grip, the wristband will go around our hands and wrists, which makes us more effortless when pushing with the ski poles, without having to hold the ski poles too tightly, and also prevents us from letting go When the ski poles fell. The length of the wristband can be adjusted to suit the size of our hands and the thickness of our gloves.

Different manufacturers have different ways to adjust the wristband. The most common one is to use the buckle on the wristband to adjust. Some wristbands will also have some soft padding to make them more comfortable.


The shaft is the main part of the ski pole, usually made of aluminum or carbon fibre. Aluminum shafts are stronger than carbon fiber shafts. Aluminum shafts usually bend or dent rather than break or shatter, but it is hard to recover in the end. The carbon fiber shaft may break in a severe impact, but it can be restored if the bend or dent is not too severe.


The tip of a ski pole is the part that is inserted into the snow. It is generally made of plastic and has a metal tip. The tip of a ski pole is usually very pointed, so that it can be easily inserted into the snow, but it is not too sharp to prevent danger. Generally, the head of the cheaper ski pole is a metal cap at the bottom. This kind of head is not replaceable. But on the more expensive ski poles, the tip is usually a separate extension of the sole, which is replaceable.


The basket is a disc-shaped object at the bottom of the pole and the top of the tip. It is generally made of plastic and is used to prevent the ski pole from being excessively inserted into the snow. Baskets come in many different shapes and sizes, and some ski poles are equipped with more than one set of baskets. The baskets on most ski poles can be disassembled and replaced by screwing on or unscrewing.

Ski pole types

Proper ski pole sizing also depends on the type of skiing you prefer.

  1. Powder ski poles: The larger snow baskets and thicker shafts of powder ski poles allow users to reduce impact when on the move.
  2. Race ski poles: It is incredibly light and efficient. These thin poles are designed to reduce drag and tend to be more expensive.
  3. Freestyle ski poles: Best for skiing on parks and are typically shorter than most ski poles.
  4. Alpine ski poles: Popular among most skiers; feature standard baskets.
  5. Nordic ski poles: The best option for cross-country skiing, lightweight with pointed tips.

Ski pole Size Chart

The ski poles are measured in inches and centimeters. To convert inches to centimeters, multiply inches by 2.54, or use a converter to find your size in both types of measurements. The size of the ski poles is in increments of 2 inches or 5 cm. If you need to get to the next size, always round up. The ski poles can be easily cut, but they cannot be extended. No matter what ski pole type, the most critical parameter is the length of the ski poles. The size of the ski poles needs to match our height, skiing skills, and riding style, and everyone has different habits. We show the following simple height and ski pole matching table:

Skier Height(in.)Skier Height (cm)Ski Pole Size (in.)Ski Pole Size (cm)
3 ' 6 " and under107cm and under30 in.75cm
3 ' 8 "112cm32 in.80cm
3 ' 10 "117cm32 in.80cm
4 '122cm34 in.85cm
4 ' 2 "127cm36 in.90cm
4 ' 4 "132cm36 in.90cm
4 ' 6 "137cm38 in.95cm
4 ' 8 "142cm40 in.100cm
4 ' 10 "147cm42 in.105cm
5 "152cm42 in.105cm
5 ' 2 "157cm44 in.110cm
5 ' 4 "163cm46 in.115cm
5 ' 6 "168cm46 in.115cm
5 ' 8 "173cm48 in.120cm
5 ' 10 "178cm50 in.125cm
6 "183cm50 in.125cm
6 ' 2 "188cm52 in.130cm
6 ' 4 "193cm54 in.135cm
6 ' 6 " and over198cm and over56 in.140cm

Tips For the best ski poles

How to determine the size of ski poles

  1. Place your arms at your sides and bend them at your elbows to parallel your forearms to the ground (the components form a 90-degree angle).
  2. Clench your fists, just like grabbing an imaginary ski pole. Be sure to check that your forearms are parallel to the ground-glance at the glasses, or let someone check you.
  3. Ask a friend to measure the distance from the top of the thumb to the ground. If you have no one tailored for you, please complete the same steps while facing the wall. Use a pencil or a piece of tape to mark where the top of your thumb touches the wall. Then, measure from the mark to the ground.
  4. Add 2 inches to your measurement. It explains the increased height of your ski boots and snowboards. The resulting size is the total length of your ski poles. For example, if you measure that your thumb is 44 inches off the ground, your ski poles should be 46 inches long.
  5. If your ski pole makes you feel uncomfortable, please don't hesitate to take them to the ski shop to get expert advice on size.

How to measure Ski Pole Size

How to choose the right length of ski poles

For cross-country skiing, the choice of ski poles is essential. Whether it is too long or too short, it isn't easy to ski correctly and safely. There are two ways to choose the correct size ski poles:

  • The length of the ski pole = the height of the shoulder of the person carrying the pole
  • The length of the ski pole = the height of the person holding the pole x 0.83

ski pole material

  • Aluminum ski poles are robust, heavy, and inexpensive, suitable for beginners. Traditional ski poles are made of aluminum, with a standard diameter of about 18mm, which is still mainstream in the market. Because of the mature manufacturing process, cheap ski poles for rental are also made of aluminum, and ski poles used by athletes are also made of aluminum.
  • Carbon fiber ski poles and other ski poles made of very lightweight materials are generally relatively strong and not easy to bend. Many skilled skiers use carbon ski poles, but the price will be higher. And the manufacturing technology affects the weight of the carbon fiber poles.
  • Fiberglass ski poles are lighter, crisper, and can only be used on treated slopes.

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