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menstrual cupThe menstrual cup is not a new high-tech product in recent years. Wikipedia says that the first menstrual cup was born in 1932. Experts always emphasize that women should know their bra size and breast changes, but this is not enough. Now you must know your vagina size and alterations. Please don't panic, that is why we wrote this article. Maybe some women already know their menstrual cup size, but we want to ensure you are satisfied with your choice.

Different manufacturers offer different menstrual cup sizes, and you need to know that not all vaginas are the same. Some menstrual cup brands produce menstrual cups of uniform size. Most of them provide different sizes to meet the needs of different women, such as young and older adults, virgins, and women with a short cervix, to ensure the best comfort, effectiveness, and ease of use.

"It's time to revolutionize your period." this is the slogan of DivaCup Series. The DivaCup is a famous menstrual cup brand. A person can wear this menstrual cup for up to 12 hours during their menstrual cycle. Available since 2003, the DivaCup is a menstrual cup made from medical-grade, latex-free silicone, making it suitable for individuals with latex allergies. It is also chemical-, plastic-, and dye-free. This article will explain three important things about DivaCup: how to use it, choose the right size, and why you should have DivaCup.

What is DivaCup?

DivaCup is the menstrual cup that is inserted into the vagina. It is made of latex, silicone, or thermoplastic, soft and elastic. Its shape is bell-shaped with a short handle underneath. The bell-shaped part is stuck in the vagina to collect the menstrual blood flowing out of the uterus. The short handle can keep the menstrual cup in balance in the vagina and make it easy to take out the menstrual cup. Most of the menstrual cups that everyone uses on the market are silicone (except disposable). Wrong selection of menstrual cup size will affect comfort, effectiveness, and ease of use (insertion and removal). Choosing the right size Diva cup can ensure you have a better experience during menstruation. The Diva cup is reusable, but we recommend that individuals change it each year.

Why promote the use of the DivaCup?

During menstruation, the mucous membrane in the vagina will fall off along with the blood, and the menstrual cup will directly contact the vaginal mucosa. Therefore, the material safety of the menstrual cup is directly related to the hygiene and health of the vagina. Diva cups made of medical-grade silicone or medical-grade TPE will be safer compared with general ingredients. The DivaCup is made from medical-grade, latex-free, which is safe and clean. Some people may prefer using a menstrual cup rather than other products, such as tampons and pads. The following are reasons why you should try the DivaCup.

  • Environmental protection: Menstrual cups such as DivaCups create less waste, as they are reusable.
  • Chemical-free: DivaCups are chemical-free, while pads and tampons may contain a high level of metals and chemicals.
  • Larger capacity: The DivaCup offers protection for up to 12 hours, depending on your menstruation flow. But people have to change pads and tampons every 4–8 hours.
  • Cost-effective: The DivaCup can be used again and again. You need only change it once per year. It is a great way to save money.
  • Safe silicone: Medical grand silicone is the better choice for your body.
  • Do you prefer tampons or menstrual cups?

DivaCup Size Guide

Every woman's uterus and meridian have different requirements and different requirements, so menstrual protection needs are naturally different. You should use the chart and size instructions of a particular brand to choose the right size. Some menstrual cup brand websites also provide questionnaires that can help you determine the right size. Here you can find a detailed DivaCup size instruction. The DivaCup comes in three different sizes. The best size for an individual will depend on their age and menstrual flow:

  • Model 0: This model may suit individuals aged 18 years and under, the smallest size.
  • Model 1: This model is primarily for individuals aged 19–30 years who have a medium menstrual flow.
  • Model 2: This model may suit those aged 30 years and older and with a heavy flow.
ModelMade inCapacityDiameterLengthMaterialRecommeded for:
Diva Cup 0 (S)
Siliconeunder 18 years old
Diva Cup 1 (M)Canada27ml43mm/1.69"67mm/2.25"SiliconePre-Childbrith, under 30 years old
Diva Cup 2 (L)
SiliconePost-Childbrith, over 30 years old

To figure out the right DivaCup size for you, you should consider your age, length of your cervix, whether or not you have a heavy flow if you’ve given birth vaginally, and cup capacity.

There are some other factors that an individual should consider before buying a DivaCup. Menstrual cups of different sizes have different cup bodies, handles, bell mouth diameter, length, and capacity. When choosing a DivaCup, you need to consider your situation and determine the capacity according to the size.

DivaCup size instruction

Choosing a Cup Size Based on Cervix Length

A short Divacup may slip off accidentally, which will be an extremely embarrassing and flustered moment, and a menstrual cup that is too long may not fit into your vagina completely. You need to know how long your vagina is with your clean finger. It can be done by taking a clean finger, inserting, and locating your cervix. If your finger can not touch the cervix, that may mean you have such a high cervix and cannot be reached. You can use practically any length of the cup. Once you find your cervix place, mark the place, remove your finger, and measure to where you marked.

Choosing a Cup Size Based on Cup Diameter

Generally, the sizes refer to the diameter of the cup and have little to do with the length. With age or pregnancy, women's pelvic floor muscles tend to relax and change the size of the vagina. The fact is you know your body best. If you feel like you have a petite vaginal, but you're over 30 or have given birth vaginally, you might still use a size 1. We recommend that you try different models to determine which diameter fits well.

Choosing a Cup Size Based on Cup Capacity

The small Diva cups hold around 25-27 millimeters, and most larger cups hold about 30 milliliters. Unless you have a very heavy flow, don't factor the capacity into your sizing option at all. Cups hold so much more than tampons that the average person won't fill a Diva cup in a 12-hour timeframe. You should know that the higher the Diva cup's capacity, the larger it is in both diameter and length.

Tips for Using Diva Cup

Using the menstrual cup is a great way to check menstrual blood volume and color, etc. The small details of these Diva cups may help you better know your health.

There are many colors of menstrual cups, but only a transparent cup can see the color and concentration of menstrual blood. Using a transparent menstrual cup, you can record your menstrual blood color changes more conveniently and help know the health of your vagina.

Some menstrual cups are marked with a scale on the inside to know the amount of menstrual flow clearly. By comparing the flow during multiple menstrual periods, abnormal flow can be found in time, and potential gynecological diseases can be discovered.

Kepp the menstrual cup clean after using

How to use a DivaCup?

A person should follow these steps to insert a menstrual cup correctly:

  1. Wash the hands thoroughly before insertion.
  2. Fold the cup to create a curved edge and separate the labia with the other hand.
  3. Push the folded cup into the vagina with the open end facing up.
  4. Grip the base of the cup and turn it 360 degrees to create a light vacuum seal.

A person can remove the cup as follows:

  1. Pull-on the stem until the fingers come into contact with the base.
  2. Pinch the cup to break the vacuum.
  3. Remove the cup when necessary or after a maximum of 12 hours.
  4. Clean the cup thoroughly.

How to clean a DivaCup?

According to the DivaCup website, a person should boil the cup for 5–10 minutes before using it and wash their hands before handling it. Before and after insertion, they should clean the cup as following steps:

  1. Washing it with DivaWash or a mild, unscented, oil-free soap.
  2. Cleaning the rim and holes at the top of the cup.
  3. Storing it in its cotton bag away from scented products once a cycle ends.
  4. Individuals can wipe their DivaCup with a dry or damp tissue and potable water.
In addition to dysmenorrhea, women also have to face all the embarrassment and troubles of menstruation. In the hot summer, traditional sanitary napkins may make you feel that your pants are wet, and the tampon may also have the risk of side leakage. DivaCup is one of your best choices. This article may give you a clearer understanding of the selection and use of menstrual cups.

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